Watch Review

New technologies like smartphones have made a massive change to the society already. Most of the people would think that owning a smartphone can get many things done. You can view a calendar on a smartphone and most especially, you can tell time using it. So, perhaps owning a wristwatch is not much of a priority since you have another instrument that can tell time – smartphone.

Imagine, you’re in a conversation with someone, or you are in a business meeting, and then someone asks for the time, but instead of glancing towards your wrist to tell what time it is, you grab your phone just to tell the time instead. In this kind of scenario, wristwatches offer more convenience, in a way to keep track of the time. Other relevant scenarios to consider the convenience of a wristwatch is events like the funeral, matrimonial rites or even a beach party. Phones during these kinds of events are much more useful for picture taking than telling the time which is a wristwatch’s responsibility to do so.

Married Couple With Wristwatch

beach outing  funeral

As the technology is getting fast in speeding up, the timepieces were not exclusively invented on such. Its original usage is only to tell you the time although the rise of smartwatches already exists nowadays. The main point here is you can always count on your watch for the time since its primary purpose is to tell time.

For example, you are going to the university, either you’re a student or you just have an appointment there and you are not sure if you are late or not but what you know is that you need to hurry. Do you think it is much more appropriate if you have a watch with you in your wrist to know what time is it so you’ll have an idea on how much effort you need to do in going there? With the multi-functional smartphones, you might end up getting it inside your pocket or bag just to tell the time. How hassle would it be for someone who is in hurry? Another important point to put importance here is convenience¬†because the things that give us a massive amount of convenience are the same things that make us feel more hassle-free in any circumstance or situation.

There are a bunch of reasons on why people buy wristwatches considering the advantages they deliver to the people. One would purchase a timepiece for personal use. Another individual would buy them for collection, and more commonly buying it as a gift to someone, may it be to a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother and the list goes on.

Going more in depth of the meanings in gifting a watch to someone will surely signify how much you value the person and the time. If a man is giving a watch as a gift to his girlfriend or wife, it clearly implies the affection that they have for each other and showing that he will always have time for his special loved one. It goes the same to the woman gifting a watch to her boyfriend or husband; she will always have time for him and that they will both remember each other whenever they look the watch on their wrist.

Girlfriend Wearing a Wristwatch

Buying a watch for a friend as a gift shows a sign that you cherish every moment that you had spent and will spend together. Whether it is a short or long friendship, it still showcases the beauty of gratitude that you share with your friend. Also, it can mean that your friend plays a huge part of your happiness and by gifting a watch will mirror to that feeling since giving your time to someone is a priceless happiness.

Above all, gifting a watch would surely mean something to someone. Even in the business world, it is commonly used to show appreciation.