Average Size of Diamonds

Tips to Make the Diamond Look Bigger

The influence of the material of the ring on the perceived size of the diamond is often underestimated. For example, silver rings require a much higher carat. Likewise, silver rings require a much higher purity, which makes the diamond ring more expensive. This can be statistically seen from the fact that the average size of diamonds on silver rings is 1.6 carat, which is significantly higher than the average size of gold rings 0.9. What is important for your choice is that the material of the ring itself can make a significant financial difference.

So if you have to look after the money, you should go for the more expensive gold ring instead of a silver ring. Although you spend more money on the ring first, as gold is more expensive than silver, a much smaller diamond on the gold ring will look as big as a larger one on a silver ring and the price difference between silver and gold is negligible compared to diamonds.

What Is the Difference Between Gold Rings and Rose Gold Rings?

womans hand with average size of diamond engagement ringAlso the choice of a rose gold engagement ring gives you the opportunity to buy a diamond with less carat. The same applies to rose gold as to a gold ring, even though a rose gold ring looks more modern, whereas a gold ring looks more conservative. The choice between gold and rose gold ultimately depends on your and your future fiancée’s taste.


So the question about the average size of a diamond is not so easy to answer, because you have to divide the question into several sub-questions. You need to get away with a golden ring much cheaper, because you need a diamond with less carat and less purity, without having to give up the perceived size. Choose something between 1.0 and 1.3 carats for a silver ring and something between 0.6 and 1.0 carat for a gold ring and you will make your future fiancée happy.